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StoryThe DragonNaNoWriMo30/11/16
ScriptThe House of Dead Ivy, 1 minute versionSketch17/11/16
StoryHorror AtmosphereShort Story21/01/16
StoryThe Dragon, RisingNaNoWriMo30/11/15
ScriptAntigone & Clytemnestra in 30 secondsSketch01/07/15
StoryThe Dragon, ShroudedNaNoWriMo29/11/14
ScriptHenry V: Here & NowPlay01/05/14
VideoFifth Duck SwordfightStage Fight27/07/13
ScriptScottish Play IndiscretionSketch27/07/13
VideoMuse of FireShort Film23/03/13
StoryWe Come in Peace, Shoot to KillShort Story06/04/12
StoryCustoms & DutyNaNoWriMo29/11/11
StoryCult FollowingNaNoWriMo29/11/10
ScriptsSolo's JourneyShort Play20/05/10
StoryThings Never Go SmoothNaNoWriMo30/11/09
ScriptIDWCon09 Opening CeremonySketch06/11/09
PhotoAnkh-Morpork Tube Map for IDWCon09DW26/10/09
StoryAll's Fair in Love and PoliticsNaNoWriMo25/11/08
WebpageHave Sword & Sorcery: Will TravelBooks04/04/08
StoryFinish the Job So We Don't Have ToNaNoWriMo22/11/07
TextWomen in pre-modern WarfareEssay11/10/07
ScribbleAFPer SpottingFilk09/09/07
StoryThe Other MemoriesFanFic09/08/07
ScribbleThe Sky is BurningScribble11/01/07
StoryPlease Kill the Neighbours
(But Don't Piss Them Off)
SLTSkipton Players' Website (demo archive)Website22/09/06
PhotoNijel the Destroyer costume for DWCon06DW19/08/06
PhotoNijel the Destroyer costume for DWCon06DW19/08/06
TextThe Harry Potter Prediction ProjectEssay20/07/06
VideoThe Chris Moyles World Cup SongMisc17/06/06
PhotoDWCon06 Programme cover art entryDW25/05/06
ScribbleGirl All The Geek Guys WantFilk12/04/06
StoryFarscape Silly Question ChallengeFanFic07/03/06
StorySea DogNaNoWriMo21/11/05
TextHarry Potter Title ChangeLJ28/10/05
ScriptNijel the DestroyerSketch01/09/05
ScribbleOver the Hills and Far AwayFilk30/07/05
StoryOne Man, One VoteShort Story11/04/05
ScriptDastardly DickSketch18/12/04
VideoSwordfight (Dastardly Dick)Stage Fight18/12/04
PhotoRifle (Day of Reckoning)SLT03/10/04
ScribbleSummer in the CityFilk19/07/04
ScribbleThe Twelve Days of HogswatchFilk24/04/04
StoryTourist TradeNovel01/10/03
PhotoSLT entry for 2003 Skipton GalaDW14/06/03
TextSLT entry for 2003 Skipton GalaDW14/06/03
ScribbleCrime of the CenturyScribble20/03/03
ScriptThe Secret Diary of Minerva McGonnagallMonologue01/03/03
WebpageGoon Show TributesProduction27/02/03
ScriptGoldielocks and the Three BearsSketch14/01/03
ScriptChristmas at the FrontMonologue14/12/02
StoryFairy StoryShort Story20/08/02
ScriptAladdin and the Magic LampPlay01/08/02
ScriptColonel TonicMonologue01/07/02
PhotoBook Cover (Maskerade)SLT07/05/02
PhotoOpera Poster 1 (Maskerade)SLT07/05/02
PhotoOpera Poster 2 (Maskerade)SLT07/05/02
PhotoOpera Poster 3 (Maskerade)SLT07/05/02
PhotoOpera Programme 1 (Maskerade)SLT07/05/02
PhotoOpera Programme 2 (Maskerade)SLT07/05/02
PhotoOpera Programme 3 (Maskerade)SLT07/05/02
PhotoOpera Programme 4 (Maskerade)SLT07/05/02
PhotoPhantom note - evil (Maskerade)SLT07/05/02
PhotoPhantom note - nice (Maskerade)SLT07/05/02
PhotoTicket for the opera (Maskerade)SLT07/05/02
PhotoSelf Confidence costume for DJ2kRed Dwarf11/11/00
ScribbleTo the Tune of Baz LuhrmanFilk01/07/00
ScriptHenry the FilthPlay01/06/00
ScriptsGrey SquirrelSketch05/05/00
ScriptKnight in Fencing ArmourShort Play01/04/00
Script"What Are The Hours?"Short Play01/02/00
ScriptDead CastSketch03/12/99
ScriptDrink, Sir?Sketch03/12/99
ScriptFitba' Fitba' Fitba'Sketch03/12/99
WebpageKing Cobra university showsProduction03/12/99
ScriptsStar Wars Episode I: The Phan-Club MenaceShort Play01/09/99
VideoStar Wars fightsStage Fight01/09/99
ScriptFrontierShort Play01/10/98
ScriptWho Won the Bloody War Anyway?Sketch21/05/98
StoryTwo Pissed SoldiersUnF Novel01/04/98
StoryDatalog: NassaransuUnF Novel01/07/96
StoryKill Them AllFanFic01/03/96
StoryThe BeaconFanFic01/05/95

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