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 CVCurriculum Vitae   Updated: 23/08/17

If you are interested by the information on this page, and want to employ me for anything, or to commission a script, then please get in touch using the "Contact Me" page.

Personal Details  Qualifications  Acting  Employment

Personal Details

Full Name

Brian Phillip Wakeling

Personal Qualities

I am very computer literate, a fast learner, punctual and polite. I prefer to get things finished once I start them, and I get on well with others. I prefer to be organised, and have a mind well-suited to practical problem solving. I enjoy reading, and writing both books and scripts. I have concluded work on my webcomic which I ran for three years, and I write at least one novel a year as part of NaNoWriMo, eight of which have now been published on I have successfully taken two shows to the Edinburgh Festival. I have interests in the theatre, fencing and web design. I have experience of using all MS Office and Open Office applications, SX3 iWorld, Homesite, Nvu, PhotoPhiltre, iMovie, and programming in XHTML, CSS, Basic, and Javascript. I have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome.


Sept 1990 to
Jun 1991:
Aireville Secondary Modern, Gargrave Rd, Skipton, North Yorkshire
Sept 1991 to
Jun 1997:
Ermysted's Grammar School, Gargrave Rd, Skipton, North Yorkshire
Oct 1995 to
May 1997 (Evenings):
Craven College, Aire Block, Gargrave Rd, Skipton, North Yorkshire
Sept 1997 to
May 2000:
Queen Margaret University College, Corstorphine, Edinburgh
21/07/2003 to
Edutech Ltd, Carlisle Business Centre, Bradford
Oct 2007 to
June 2008:
The Open Universtity
Oct 2010 to
June 2011:
Mind the Gap, Lister Mills, Bradford
Feb 2014 to
May 2014:
Shipley College, Saltaire, W Yorks

Summary of Experience

Office:5 years; including 1 year in council tax, and 2 years of post-room experience
Organisational:Organised and produced two shows at the Edinburgh Fringe (2013 & 2014), Programme Manager at the First Irish Discworld Convention (2009), head of Skipton Players' Gala Float Committee (2003), producer of five independent theatrical productions
Teaching / Instruction:Created workshops to raise political awareness ahead of 2015 general election and EU Referendum, fight director for eight stage fight scenes, trained three people in use of theatre lighting systems, qualified fencing coach, and teaching qualification.
Theatrical:17 years consistently, 10 occasional before that; including over 25 productions with acting parts (2 leads, 7 major, 25 minor, 3 walk-on), and over 30 productions as backstage staff (1 props, 8 effects, 13 lighting design, 2 lighting engineer, 9 lighting & effects, 4 ASM, 8 SM)
Web / IT:Webmaster for Skipton Players (2 years) and King Cobra Theatre, also this website since 2003. Have been using a computer since 1985.


Qualifications and Certificates


GCSE (Summer 1995) A-Level (Summer 1996)
English Lit B English Lang B Combined English E
Maths B Physics A A-Level (Summer 1997)
Chemistry B Biology B Biology C General Studies C
Geography B History B Chemistry E Physics E
C.D.T. B German C Combined English E


Cert(HE) in Drama and Theatre Arts from Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh (May 2000)
ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence (August 2003)
Open College Network Qualification in Making Theatre from Mind The Gap, Bradford (July 2011)
Award in Education and Training Level 3, City & Guilds (May 2014)


British Academy of Fencing Grade 4 Foil Proficiency Award (March 2001)
British Academy of Fencing Instructors Certificate (March 2001)
British Academy of Fencing Basic Foil Coaching Certificate (May 2001)
British Academy of Fencing Basic Sabre Coaching Certificate (May 2001)
British Academy of Fencing Grade 5 Sabre Proficiency Award (June 2001)
UK Driving Licence (December 2011)


The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art Grade 2 Honours Pass at Speaking of Verse and Prose (June 1987)




Apr 1995 to July 1997
Skipton Little Theatre, Skipton, North Yorkshire

Barefoot in the Park by Neil Simon (May 1995): "Delivery Boy"; Effects.
Getting On by Alan Bennett (July 1995): "Andy".
Trap for a Lonely Man by Robert Thomas (October 1995): Effects.
Death and the Maiden by Georgina Reid (March 1996): Lighting design; Effects.
Butterflies Are Free by Leonard Gersche (May 1996): Effects.
Lucky Sods by John Godber (July 1996 - Amateur premiere): "American Waiter".
See How They Run by Philip King (December 1996): Effects.
Endgame by Samuel Beckett (March 1997): "Nagg".
Thriller of the Year by Glyn Jones (May 1997): Voice Over; Effects.
A Nightingale Sang... by CP Taylor (July 1997): Effects.

May and Nov 1998
Independent Student Productions, QMUC, Edinburgh

Angel's Children (May 1998): Lighting engineer; Stage Manager.
The Fresher's Cabaret - Variety show (Nov 1998): "The Lumberjack Song"; Lighting engineer; Stage Manager.

Oct 1999 to May 2000
Student Production in Association with Student's Union QMUC, Edinburgh

King Cobra's Christmas Gig - Variety show (Dec 1999): Writer; Producer; Director; Fight Director; Performer.
King Cobra's Summer Show - Sketch show (May 2000): Writer; Producer; Director; Stage Manager; Performer.
More details can be found here.

Feb 2002 to July 2005
Skipton Little Theatre, Skipton, North Yorkshire

The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon (Mar 2002): Lighting and Effects.
Maskerade by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs (May 2002): "Walter Plinge"; Fight Director.
Habeas Corpus by Alan Bennett (July 2002): "Mr Purdue".
One for the Road by Willy Russell (Dec 2002): "Roger Fuller".
Christmas Concert Party - Variety show (Dec 2002): Contributor; Performer; Lighting and Effects; Stage Manager.
A Journey Through Pantoland by Judy Shone (Feb 2003): "Simple Simon"; "Magic Mirror"; Lighting design; Lighting and Effects.
Gasping by Ben Elton (Apr 2003): Effects.
Time of Their Lives by Alan Ayckbourn (June 2003): "Adam Stratton"; Lighting design.
The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Amateur Dramatics Society Murder Mystery Play by David McGillivray & Walter Zerlin Jr. (Oct 2003): Lighting and Effects; Stage Manager.
Haunted by Eric Chappell (Dec 2003): "Lord Byron"; Lighting design.
Christmas Hamper - Cabaret show (Dec 2003): "Blues Brothers" tribute; "Lord Byron".
Fly Me to the Moon by John Godber (Apr 2004): Lighting design; Stage Manager; Lighting and Effects.
Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring (Jun 2004): "Dr Harper"; "Gibbs"; "Officer O'Hara"; Lighting design.
Day of Reckoning by Pam Valentine (Oct 2004): Prop construction; Lighting design; Stage Manager; Lighting and Effects.
Wild Goose Chase by Derek Benfield (Dec 2004): "Constable Pond".
Shirley's Christmas Cracker - Variety show (Dec 2004): Performer; Fight Director.
Natural Causes by Eric Chappell (Feb 2005): Lighting design; Lighting and Effects; Stage Manager.
The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde (Jun 2005): "Jack Worthing"; Lighting design.

Head of the 2003 Gala Float Committee, which won 2nd Prize.
Trained three people in use of theatre effects equipment.
Redesigned and re-launched the Skipton Players' Website.
Webmaster for Skipton Players from 15/07/04 to 22/09/06. Stepped down due to living 200 miles away.

Jun 2002 to Dec 2002
Arcadia Players, Skipton, North Yorkshire

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard (Sept 2002): "Ezra Chater".

Feb 2003/4/5
Independent Productions at Skipton Little Theatre

Spike Milligan - Goon Show Tribute in aid of Amnesty International (Feb 2003/4/5): Producer; Performer.

31/07/07 to 05/08/07
Bamboo Tree Theatre Company, White Bear Theatre Kennington

Woodcut by Gary Brashier: Assistant Stage Manager.

Easter 2008/10/12
Eastercon 2008 (Orbital)/Eastercon 2010 (Odyssey)/Eastercon 2012 (Olympus), Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow

Tech crew:
At various events: DSM, camera operator, vision mixer, sound operator, SM, rigger, stagehand.
Assisted with get-in, set-up, take-down and get-out.

May 2008 to onwards
Skipton Little Theatre, Skipton, North Yorkshire

Busybody by Jack Popplewell (Jun 2008): "DC Goddard"; Lighting design.
Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton (Dec 2008): Lighting design; Stage Manager; Lighting and Effects.
A Month of Sundays by Bob Larbey (Feb 2009): Lighting design; Stage Manager; Lighting and Effects.
Charley's Aunt by Brandon Thomas (Jun 2009): "Charles Wykeham"; Lighting design.
Breezblock Park by Willy Russell (Dec 2012): "Tommy"; Lighting design.
Sherlock Holmes' Christmas Casebook (Dec 2013): "Peterson"; "Breckinridge"
Count Dracula by Ted Tiller (Oct 2015): "Renfield"
Treasure Island From the book by RL Stephenson (Dec 2015): "Ben Gunn"; Various Pirates; Fight Director
Bouncers by John Godber (Jun 2016): "Les"

August 2008
Discworld Convention 2008, Birmingham Hitlon Metropole Hotel

Tech crew:
At various events: Camera operator, lighting operator, ASM for in-convention production of Moving Pictures.
Assisted with set-up and take-down.

February 2009/11/13
Redemption Convention 2009/11/13, Britannia Hotel, Coventry

Tech crew:
At various events: Lighting operator, sound operator, camera operator.
Assisted with get-in, set-up, take-down and get-out, slept in tech room as additional security.

Halifax Savoyards, Victoria Hall, Settle, North Yorkshire

Patience by Gilbert & Sullivan: Assistant Stage Manager.

Oct 2009 onwards
Sacar Drama & Theatre Crafts Workshop

10th Anniversary Show (Oct 2009): Multiple characters; Lighting setup.
Solo's Journey (May 2010): Solo; Lighting design, fight director, script editor.
Playing in Shop Windows (Jul 2011): Performer.
Sunbridge Road Colliery Band (Oct 2012 and Jun 2015): Band Leader.
The Y-Factor (December 2014 and May 2015): Contestant.
The House of Dead Ivy (Oct 2016): Inspector Stevenson.
Fearful Frank (Apr & Jun 2017): Anxiety Chorus.

October 2010 to March 2013
Mind the Gap, Bradford

Irresistible (Oct 2010): Chorus member.
Dissecting Mice and Men (Spring 2011): Director, film editor.
End of year Showcase (Jul 2011): "George" (in extracts from Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, adapted by Mike Kenny), various minor parts, Chancellor of the Exchequer by Barry Cryer, Bring Me Sunshine; Backstage assistant.
Real Voices, Real Lives (Nov 2011): Performer.
Various supporting roles in workshops and forum theatre pieces, minor film-making roles (camera, assistant director, voice over, editor).

Morley Literary Festival

Reader at the Romantic Fiction event.

December 2011 to August 2014
King Cobra Theatre

Muse of Fire (November 2012 to March 2013): Writer, producer, director, cameraman, editor.
The Fifth Duck (2013): Chief writer, casting director, fight choreographer, cast member.
Henry V: Here & Now (2014): Writer, casting director, producer, lead actor.

24/08/12 to 27/08/12
Discworld Convention 2012, Brimingham Hilton Metropole Hotel

"Nijel the Destroyer" in Opening Ceremony



Previous Employment

Feb 1993 to Sept 1997

Shop Assistant (Saturdays) at Craven Model Centre, Skipton, North Yorkshire
Duties: Watching for shoplifters; handling cash; dealing with customers; maintaining the stock; and posting mail orders.

June 1994

School Work Experience Programme: Curator's Assistant at Craven Museum, Skipton, North Yorkshire
Duties: Investigating items of interest; researching and setting up displays; and general supervision of exhibits.

03/05/2000 to 12/08/2000

Part Time Bar Staff at The Rainbow Inn, East Craigs, Edinburgh
Duties: Serving customers with drinks and food; restocking the fridges; handling cash; and general cleaning of the bar area.

09/04/2001 to 28/04/2001

Landscape Gardener on temporary contract to my father, in Badbergen, Deutschland
Duties: Digging turves; laying paths; and uprooting tree stumps.

12/12/2001 to 09/12/2002

Bradford and Bingley Associate, employed through Office Angels, at Crossflatts, West Yorkshire
Duties: Recovering outstanding PEP debts using computerised letter systems; data entry; filing records; and stuffing envelopes.

29/09/2003 to 31/08/2004

Craven District Council - Council Tax Assesment Officer, employed through Rotherwood Recruitment, at Skipton Town Hall
Duties: Inputting results of surveys onto computer; dealing with enquiries; processing council tax amendments and direct debit actions.

06/12/04 to 11/02/2005

The Factoring Services Group - Office Junior, employed through Rotherwood Recruitment, at Factor House, Skipton
Duties: Filing, sorting post, entering invoice batches onto computer.

01/09/2004 to 31/07/2005

Various short-term temporary contracts through Rotherwood Recruitment in the Skipton and Keighley areas
Posts: Office junior, invoice clerk, despatch processor, post room assistant.

16/08/2005 to 22/06/2007

London Borough of Harrow - Postroom Assistant, employed through Pertemps Recruitment, at Civic Centre, Station Road, Harrow
Duties: Collecting post from main post room, sorting and distributing to internal departments; Recording and sending outgoing post; Document scanning.

3/10/2011 to 23/3/2013

Mind the Gap - Acting Company Member, Bradford
Duties: Various minor acting roles as required; Assisting Making Theatre course members with media projects; Devising and running educational workshops for outreach sessions with local schools; Assisting the Production Manager in his duties.

8/9/2014 onwards

People First Keighley & Craven - Member (Vice-Chair from Dec 2015)
General office administration and support work; Devising and delivering workshops; Project planing and assistance; Peer support.



If you are interested by the information on this page, and want to employ me for anything, or to commission a script, then please get in touch using the "Contact Me" page.