In the first half of 2010, Sacar's Drama & Theatre Crafts workshop created a play called Solo's Journey. It was to be our first long-form live production, and was performed at the Bradford Alhambra Studio Theatre on the 20th of May 2010 to a fantastic reception. Each member of the workshop contributed to the play, usually by writing a scene which featured their preferred character. I was Solo, but I didn't know it when I wrote this scene.


SCENE 10 Ė Potion

LIGHT UP (outdoors), dim. SOLO ENTERS LEFT. He is soaking wet and visibly shaken by his ordeal. He is looking around him, taking in his surroundings. He sees an interesting bottle.

Solo I wonder whatís in this?

He un-stoppers it, and sniffs the contents

Solo Hmm, nice smell. Wonder what it tastes like?

He takes a swig. Sound FX of a harp running up through the scales. Lights fade and come up all psychedelic. SOLO wobbles on his feet and collapses. After a few moments, the lights calm down, and he gets up.

Solo Woah! What was in that?


Vampire Does it matter? Youíre in my power now!

Solo What? What do you mean?

Vampire I planted that bottle so I could capture you for my next meal!

Solo Next meal?


Pirate Wait!

Solo (Looking round) Saved!.. By a ... pirate?

Pirate No, youíre not saved! I planted that bottle for you to find, and youíre my prisoner now!

Solo What?

Pirate That was an hallucinogenic drink, so that whoever drinks it will be in the power of the one who brewed it. And that was me, so back off ye scurvy dog, you!


Alien Oh no you donít! Heís mine! It was my potion he drank!

Vampire What?

Pirate What?

Solo What?

Alien Itís easier than collecting specimens properly! (He Brandishes a ray gun) Now, you, step over here Ė and you two stay back!

Vampire No, heís mine! I saw him first!

Pirate No, heís mine! Back off!

SOLO looks between the three of them

Solo Actually, if this is an hallucination, I think the pink-haired one is the most appropriate. Iíll go with you.

SOLO moves towards the VAMPIRE

Alien That was your fault!

Pirate No, it was yours!

Alien Yours!

Pirate Yours!

The VAMPIRE is about to EXIT RIGHT with SOLO, when MICHAELA [a man dressed as a very cut-rate female superhero knock-off] ENTERS LEFT and stops them.

Michaela Never fear, Mighty Michaela is here!

Solo Now I know Iím hallucinating!

Michaela (To VAMPIRE) Unhand him, you fiend!

The VAMPIRE lets SOLO go and squares up to MICHAELA

Vampire Yeah? Or what?

Michaela Or I wonít let you go to Primark with me!

The VAMPIRE gives a girly scream, a la Homer Simpson when faced with sock puppets or diet soda

Vampire Aaah! No! All right, heís yours Ė I donít want him!

Solo Thank you, and goodnight!

He sprints OFF RIGHT.

Alien Hey! Thatís my specimen running away there!

Pirate There goes my prisoner!

Vampire There goes my lunch!

The ALIEN and PIRATE give chase, followed by the VAMPIRE, and finally MICHAELA.