The House of Dead Ivy was an hour-long play devised and performed by the Drama & Theatre Crafts Wokshop of Specialist Autism Services. This is the script of the one minute version we did for our wrap party.

The House of Dead Ivy

Poulter the Footman: Welcome to Hillstone Manor.

Inspector: I am Inspector Stevenson of Scotland Yard. I need to talk to Lord Granville.

Poulter: Come in.

Lord Granville: I don't like visitors. This is my daughter Lucinda, I don't like her either. My elder son is an idiot who fell off his horse.

Lucinda: I hate you.

Inspector: Did you murder your wife?

Lord Granville: My wife died eight years ago.

Jenkins the Butler: It were tragic sir, died in childbirth.

Inspector: I'm sure he's lying. I'll have a look around tomorrow.

Inspector: [Singing] Oh, what a beauiful morning! [Stops singing] There's no one here. That painting doesn't look like the woman I'm looking for. That looks like Lucinda's diary, she's not a happy bunny. Oh, it's evening already.

Poulter: His Lordship will see you now.

Lord Granville: You're a very lazy policeman.

Inspector: Well your staff are very lazy, and I no longer think you murdered your wife.

Lord Granville: Good, you can leave tomorrow morning.

Poulter: Milady, I love you, but the policeman knows everything.

Lucinda: No he doesn't! Now go and poison the wine.

Lord Granville: I don't like vegetables!

Lucinda: I'm getting married.

Lord Granville: About bloody time!

Inspector: Congratulations.

Lucinda: To a waiter.

Lord Granvlle: What? [Drink] Erk!

Lucinda: Servants, drink to my future happiness!

Jenkins/Lizie the Maid: To Miss Lucinda's future happiness! [Drink] Erk!

Poulter: The horses are ready, let's ride to Paris!

Lucinda: Father's dead, the servants are dead, my brother Albert's dead. Your turn!

Poluter: Lucinda - why?

Lucinda: Useful diot! The fortune is all mine and there is nothing anyone can do to stop me!

Inspector: Her horse has bolted and thrown her in a ditch!

Lady Ivy: All done now, we can rest in peace.

Inspector: There's no bodies here - they must all have been ghosts!