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 FreelanceFreelance Commissions Updated: 01/05/17

All prices include free index, copyright information, and site information pages.
All prices exclude the costs to host the site on an independent server.

Design & Testing10.00 ph
Webmastering42.00 pm

Site testing will be carried out on the same systems as specified on the site information page. All pages will be CSS and XHTML Transitional compliant.

Webmastering services are available by contract for six or twelve calendar months, during which time I will maintain and update the site as necessary. Payment in advance.

Master Copy CD2.00

A Master Copy CD will be sent to you upon completion of the site, and at the end of a Webmastering term. It will include the most up-to-date versions of all files associated with the site. Price includes post & packing.



King Cobra Theatre (demo archive of the final site before shutdown)

SLT Web (demo archive of final version before handover)