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 FreelanceFreelance Commissions Updated: 01/05/17

FencingFencing Coach

Leeds/Bradford and South Craven area
Tutelage in foil and/or sabre

15.00 ph if space provided
30.00 ph if space not provided
Minimum space required is 6' x 15' (2m x 5m)

A minimum of three half-hour lessons must be taken per person for each weapon studied. Equipment will be provided for these initial lessons.


SFDStage Fight Director

Leeds/Bradford and South Craven area
Fencing tuition if necessary at rates above if equipment provided

Fight plan10.00
& Rehearsal
15.00 ph

A 15-second fight will typically require at least 1 hour of instruction and rehearsal.



Dastardly Dick
The Fifth Duck (Viking vs Musketeer)