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v0.103/07/03First website: A one-page report of the Skipton Players' entry into the 2003 Skipton Gala. The page remained in the same format until v2.0.
Full website with all pages goes online in stages.
v1.116/11/03Website modified to include graphical links, but is still largely text-based.
v1.228/03/04Theatre pages expanded and refined.
v1.2102/12/04First consistent use of rollover effects on site.
v2.003/01/06Entirely new website with greater GUI developed over the Christmas period and launched in the new year.
v2.108/01/06Freelance Commissions page added.
v2.222/01/06BeerMonster Webcomic added.
11/07/06Moved over from's Freespace to and
v2.310/09/06Added the Creative Index page system in order to assist in finding my work.
v2.405/06/07Conventions page added.
v2.4124/09/07BeerMonster pages re-organised, some cosmetic changes.
v2.4225/11/07First pages with CSS and XHTML 1.0 compliancy.
v3.001/01/08Site re-coded with CSS and XHTML 1.0 compliancy.
v3.0108/01/08Coding bugs ironed out, site displays properly.
v3.0203/02/08Breadcrumbs added.
v3.104/04/08HS&S:WT pages added. SOAUL Created. Last update date added to all pages.
v3.1107/04/08Project Wonderful adboxes added.
02/11/08AddThis quick-share buttons added to BeerMonster and HS&S:WT pages.
v3.225/11/08Advertising Links page added, and site structure re-worked.
v3.2113/01/09Favicons added to BeerMonster and HS&S:WT pages.
v3.2219/01/09Advertising Links page removed due to unviability.
v3.2306/04/09HS&S:WT Character sheet pages changed. Feedback pages streamlined.
v4.001/01/10New redesigned site launched: Pages made more uniform, navbar replaces icon bank and breadcrumbs, picture galleries and BeerMonster re-worked, full XHTML 1.0 compliancy on all pages.
v4.122/01/10Dedicated page for buying HS&S:WT books added, some page titles re-worked.
v4.1102/04/10Nav-arrow buttons redesigned.
v4.1201/09/10In-page navigation buttons added to some pages, page titles re-formatted.
21/12/11Changed to broadband hosting.
v5.001/09/13Long-overdue site overhaul completed and new version brought online: Navbar removed in favour of overhead navigation, more streamlined and elegant UI, some pages re-worked and content updated.
v5.0101/05/17Migrated from LiveJournal to DreamWidth - all links pointing to the former updated to point to the latter.
v5.123/08/17Renamed and re-organised the Acting pages.
v5.1108/08/18Navigation buttons re-coloured.


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