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 FreelanceFreelance Commissions Updated: 01/05/17




Leeds/Bradford and South Craven area
Ticket price, plus 3.50 per column inch
Ticket price to be received with assignment.
Writing fee to be received upon publication of review.



Short stories (less than 5000 words): 15 per 1000 words
You may specify a subject, genre, or time period, or select one from the list below. You may also specify a title.

Preferred genres, styles, etc:
·Science fiction
·Medieval Europe/Fantasy
·Napoleonic Wars

Or take pot luck

Longer works and other genres by arrangement only.
No Fan Fics.
The finished work will be dispatched once payment is received.
The finished work will have all rights reserved - therefore copying, publishing, broadcasting or reproducing it in any form will result in legal action.



I will need to know for how many people the piece is for, and what staging space is available (if any).
You may also specify a general or basic plot, genre, time period, etc.

Writing feePerformance
Skits, sketches, etc10.00 eachIncluded
Short plays
(under 45 mins)
10.00 ph
of writing time
Full plays
(90-120 mins)
15.00 ph
of writing time

Performance rights are for the ORIGINAL CLIENT & PERFORMANCE RUN ONLY. Subsequent performance runs, and different clients wishing to do a performance run, will require that you contact me for permission. Music rights (PRS & PPL) are not included.
A performance run is defined as no more than six performances in a period of no more than seven days. Rates may be negotiable for amateur groups.



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Aladdin and the Magic Lamp