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Have Sword & Sorcery: Will TravelHave Sword & Sorcery:
Will Travel
Updated: 13/02/18

This is part of The Website as defined in the SOAUL, and falls under that Licence.

GURPS® is a registered trademark of Steve Jackson Games™, and its rules are copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. All rights are reserved by Steve Jackson Games. All material here is in compliance with the Steve Jackson Games Online Policy.

The series Have Sword & Sorcery: Will Travel is a work of original fiction by Brian Wakeling, using characters and backgrounds derived using the rules and concepts of GURPS. To the best of my knowledge, the series does not imitate, extend, expand upon, or derive from any scenario, setting, or world described by existing GURPS products. It is, effecively, the novelisation of a fantasy RPG campaign that uses GURPS - except that there was only one player and one GM and they were the same person, and the GURPS system was a method to advance the plot. In other words, it is not a chronicle or narrative report, it is a story. It is not a "The Book of the Game", more a Book from which you can work out what the Game would have been.

If you are interested in using Have Sword & Sorcery: Will Travel as the basis for anything (including fan-fiction, filk, artwork, or an RPG of any kind set in the series' world), you must comply with the terms of the SOAUL, otherwise you may not just be violating my copyright, but that of Steve Jackson Games as well.

The 3rd Edition rules of GURPS were used for the series, as I started not long after the 4th Edition was launched. It was cheaper and quicker to obtain all the necessary 3rd Edition works, rather than buy new 4th Edition works, and wait for some titles to be published.