Pratchett's Characters Come to Life

To celebrate what would have been Sir Terry Pratchett's 70th birthday, the Skipton Players production of Mort hit the stage from April 17-21.

This is a challeging play to stage, with no less than 25 scenes and 24 characters played by eight actors. Brian Wakeling was well cast as Mort, using changes in his body language and voice to good effect as his character rose to the challenge of being Death's apprentice.

Karen Collis had impeccable comic timing as Ysabell and the Doorknocker, and I enjoyed Julie Snowden's deadpan delivery as Death. Neil Hellewe's cantankerous cockny character Albert was very funny. Patrick Smith, Charlie Martin and Jacquie Whiteley played a bewilderin variety of characters but managed to make each one distinctive: no mean feat and a testament to their acting skills. Derek Blackwell had a memorable cameo role as the High Priest.

The production used some innovative staging ad costuming ideas. The UV effects were dramatic and very effective, and the character symbols on the costumes helped the audience keep up with who was who. The talente make-up artist who created Death's look deserves a special mention. The prodution was well-executed (if you'll forgive the pun) and the audience responded warmly to Pratchett's humour.

Review by Joanne Whistler in The Craven Herald 26/04/18