Lead Hobbles His Way Through

And the show must go on! Despite showing obvious signs of a groin injury, lead Skipton Player Jeremy Bullock cast his crutches aside to fulfil his role as Dennis Cain in One for the Road.
His hobbling could almost have been part of the Dennis Cain character who is a scruffy, beer swilling, 30-something facing a mid-life crisis! The hopes and dreams of youth have been replaced by the boredom of a middle-class existence surrounded by Tupperware, Weight Watchers and wife-swapping. He plans his escape with hilarious consequences. But as to whether he leaves and if so with whom you'll just have to go along and see!
Jeremy Bullock in the lead role was excellent. He is obviously born for comedy and has played similar parts for the Players in the past. His delivery is confident and his repetoire of facial expressions adds that little something extra to his performance.
He is partnered in the production by Kim Faulkner who plays his wife Pauline. She played a strong character well at the beginning of the production equally matching the performance of Jeremy. But as the play progressed her role diminished a little perhaps being overshadowed by the flamboyant Danielle Moore as Jane Fuller.
Danielle is a new recruit to the Little Theatre and played the busybody neighbour who has taken Pauline under her wing to train her on how to be accepted in middle class society.
The final player in this small cast was Brian Wakeling who is becoming a Skipton Little Theatre regular and improving all the time. He played Jane's under the thumb husband Roger who has secrets that you would never guess!

Uncredited review in The Craven Herald 06/12/02